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» » » до 15.03.2013, Стипендія, Нідерланди: The Henk Bodt ASML Scholarship Program

до 15.03.2013, Стипендія, Нідерланди: The Henk Bodt ASML Scholarship Program

Most of the world's chipmakers rely on ASML's lithographic know-how to make chips and MEMS. Our technologies print integrated circuits onto silicon wafers. We satisfy our customers needs by pushing the boundaries of nanotechnology to the limit and thus moving the whole electronics industry forward, for smaller, more efficient and faster devices. To continue doing that, we need the brightest engineers, scientists and mathematicians who:

_are passionate about technology
_will provide added value to our customers
_can offer leadership and entrepreneurial skills
_will make learning a lifetime job
_can turn changes and challenges into opportunities

If technology is your passion and you are looking for an opportunity to combine excellent education with a career at the forefront of technology, apply for our Henk Bodt Scholarship Program and start a master at one of our partner universities:

_Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e): for the masters Applied Physics, Chemical Engineering (Molecular Engineering or Polymers & Composites), Computer Science & Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Embedded Systems, Industrial & Applied Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering and Systems & Control.
_Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) for the masters Aerospace Engineering, Applied Mathematics, Applied Physics, Chemical Engineering (Molecular Engineering), Computer Engineering, Computer Science (Information Architecture or Software Technology), Electrical Engineering, Embedded Systems, Materials Science & Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Systems & Control.
_University of Twente for the masters Applied Mathematics, Applied Physics, Chemical Engineering (Molecules and Materials) and Nanotechnology

When offered a Henk Bodt scholarship you will have the following advantages:

_A full cost scholarship covering the tuition fee for 2 years, main living expenses and visa application
_Arrangement of housing and visa via our partner university
_An ASML mentor to make the link between your master and ASML and help you adapt to the Netherlands
_Extensive development of personal and professional skills through a personal development action plan, trainings, and coaching
_Internship and graduation assignment within ASML
_Career opportunities at ASML


Focus in the selection process is put on academic excellence, analysis, communication skills, creativity, engagement, motivation, level of English, self-management, teamwork and technical interests. ASML offers 15 scholarship positions for a 2 year technical master (to be awarded per academic year). Target group: international students who are eligible for a master program at one or our partner universities. The selection process consists of the following steps, each to be passed successfully:

_Screening of the application
_Conference interview
_Ability, personality and motivation test
_Face-to-face interview
_Assessment centre including two business cases.

How to apply

Your application should at least consist of a resume, a motivation letter, copy of admission certificate to a partner university and a confirmation of future faculty on scholarship potential (top 25% of admissions to faculty).

Please note that the deadline for the academic year 2013-2014 is 15th March 2013.

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